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Workshop your
profitable newsletter
One-on-one sessions, curated examples, and personalized guides. So you're attracting loyal new customers and building your brand your way.
You know the money is in your list.

But showing up religiously is hard. Week after week, what do you say?

You could buy email templates and fill in the blanks . . .

Or hire someone to write content that's done-for-you . . .

But that's not YOU and you could damage your brand.

Your vision isn't generic.

You don't want your business to fade into the crowd.

Or sound desperate, pushy, or fake.

You need to get confident with your newsletter, with an abundance of good ideas and content you actually want to create.

Because you can't build that goodwill or get those subscribers at the last minute. You need to invest in it now.

That's why I created VIP newsletter workshopping.

So you can start investing in your list the best way - using YOUR values, goals, and unique identity.

The best way to invest in your list

Learn from the best newsletters out there and get the one-on-one brainstorming, discussion, and workshopping you need.


What's included

Done-for-you research

To learn from and get inspired by great newsletters that are relevant to you. This is like a personalized masterclass!

Value $495
2 one-on-one sessions

To generate new ideas, develop the ideas you already have, and flesh out possible content for you newsletter.

Value 2 x $150
Future content guides

To get a menu of ideas, content options, and strategies to use for the next 6-12 months based on your workshopping.

Value $595
Registration closed July 28
Get VIP Newsletter
Regular Price $1390
Early Access Price $159

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for entrepreneurs?

Not necessarily. You can "profit" from an email list and newsletter in other ways than offering a product or a service. For example, by connecting to your fans and getting more of them to come to your events and shows. Or by building a community that responds to your newsletter with great feedback, discussion, and insights.

What if I don't have a newsletter or many subscribers yet?

That's a good reason to be here! While I already know you're a genius and you can figure things out on your own, it can really help at the beginning to have great examples and strategies that are right for you, so you don't keep procrastinating. Depending on your goals and where you're at, we can also workshop how to encourage people to share your newsletter, how to give people a taste of it on your website, and other tactics to help you grow.

What if I purchase this workshopping offer and don't like it?

Due to the personalized prep and one-on-one nature of this offer, all sales are final. If you're unhappy with your experience, please email me at [email protected] so I can find a way to make sure you're happy with the results.

What's the timeline? How long does it take?

Between August 1-30, we'll exchange emails about your business (or goals if you don't have one), values, and needs. This is necessary for the personalized newsletter research I do for you. Then starting on August 30, you can book your one-on-one workshopping sessions. Before your session, I'll share your research and we can discuss that (if you choose) at the beginning of your first session. Once the two sessions are complete, you'll receive your future content guide within 14 days.

Why such a low price? Personalization usually costs a lot more.

Indeed, personalization and one-on-one time usually costs more because it's not very scalable. That being said, I wanted to make this offer is super accessible for new and early entrepreneurs. For more mature entrepreneurs, this is a good way to see if you like working with me without the risk. Afterwards you might decide to meet with me monthly to hold you accountable, make investing in your newsletter fun, and get constant inspiration, but that's not required and is totally up to you.

Hi Rare Bird! I'm Erin
I help rebels and entrepreneurs make money by being true to their values, goals, and identity.

Hi, I'm Erin Dahlgren, professional information designer and lifetime newsletter creator. I'm your go-to confidence boost, idea machine, and newsletter development partner. I'm a busy entrepreneur and a newsletter practitioner myself so I get that investing in your email list needs to be super doable and worth it for you.

That's why I created this accessible VIP newsletter workshopping offer. So you can quickly get inspired, creative, and confident with your newsletter and start investing in your list the right way - YOUR way. You're not like everyone else. Good! Once you get confident about using your unique point of view in your projects or your professional brand, I know you're going to knock this out of the park.

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