Erin Dahlgren is a writer, a small book maker, and an independent feminist publisher interested in cooperative and connected versions of thought leadership. If you're interested in that too, you'll love Intelligent Brand, the free series on this topic.

Humanity, Black Lives Matter
Freedom, creatively and financially
Quality, not perfectionism
Connectedness, to succeed together

More tea, more fun
Major influences

Chopin, Dostoyevsky, Nina Simone, Voltaire, The Chicago Manual of Style, Snoopy the dog
Anti-racist small
business pledge

Name white supremacy and the impact of racism on our lives, currently in the values expressed on this website, and in the work I do with writers. In my future newsletter, I commit to doing this too.

Engage in anti-racist education for you and your team, currently by reading books and by taking quarterly online workshops by black DEI educators. In the future, when my budget increases, I'll be hiring a black feminist DEI coach to talk with one-on-one.

Commit to open-conflict and allow discomfort, currently by listening when I'm in a community experiencing conflict. I don't think I'll ever run a community of my own, but if I do, I'll amend this statement.

Invest a portion of your monthly company budget to the Black community, currently by investing monthly in a black-owned business coaching program. In the future, when my budget increases, by hiring black freelancers and consultants as needed (I don't plan to have employees, but that may change).

Express my sincere, long-term commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization in my business communication, starting with this website. I'm working on a statement that will be included in my contracts, newsletter, and press bio. In the future, when my budget allows me to hire, it will be in my job announcements for freelancers and contractors too.

Last updated Jan 1 2021.